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Our Academics

Bakersfield is a Pre-K - 8 School. We use the VELS (VT Early Learning Standards) in our Early Childhood Program and these are assessed using Teaching Strategies Gold. Parents will get updated information in the winter and spring.  A copy of the Early Childhood Handbook was delivered to parents during registration.
For the K - 8 Students the school follows the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and uses curriculum that adheres to these standards. Students are assessed using multiple measures throughout the year and we use a standards based reporting system.  For grades 3 - 8 the Federal Government requires a standard test. We administer the SBAC for Math, Reading, and Writing and the Vermont Science Assessment for science in 5th and 8th grade to comply with this requirement. Overall results for these required assessments are provided yearly in the Bakersfield Annual Report.
Should you have specific questions regarding curriculum please contact your child’s teacher as they will be able to provide you with more specific details regarding the day to day programs that are being used.
For more information about proficiency based learning and the standards used for curriculum and instruction click the images below. 
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