Bakersfield Elementary School is proud to have compost buckets in every classroom and in our lunch room.  We understand the importance of composting and the good it does for our planet.  Below is a passage about the importance of composting from Ada Shookenhuff, one of our 8th grade students.

Composting, something that is very commonly overlooked in America but is so important. The sad part for me as a kid that has a good 60 years left on this planet is that I feel like many people don’t see the big picture. I can see the reasoning behind it, the American way, and in general the human way is to find the easiest way to do stuff. Get Siri to do it, google it, hire someone, or in this case, the trash can is right there, and this is one apple core, what's the harm? Well take that one apple core, and multiply it by the 42,000 people in your town, that's 42,000 apple cores, in a day. Add on the fact that about a quarter of all food bought by American families is dumped in the trash. Think about that for a minute.

    Now this waste goes into your trash can, it gets picked up by the garbage truck and is dumped into the landfill. Then the thousands of pounds of food waste sit, mixing with batteries, gas, acid, toxins, and leaks into the earth's water system. As well as producing a crazy amount of greenhouse gas. Add on to that the effort of animals, farmers, and workers to get this food into our stores, now a ton of their produce has been wasted.

    So far this info has all been sort of depressing, well luckily it's not all bad. The soil you get from composting is crazy rich and good for our planet! If you are thinking, “great but I don’t need that soil, and I don’t have a spot for a compost bin..’’ you’re in luck!  Many cities and now towns have a compost truck, for everyone following the recommended composting guidelines. In a few years however it will be a law that every household must compost. So there's a little change being made right now by some of our leaders and activists, it's time you hop on board, help our planet out and help improve the lives of almost every life form on it.


Ada pictured in the fall of 2017.