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Welcome To BEMS Athletics & Recreation

Representing Our Community With Every Step

"BEMS Athletics strive on good sportsmanship on and off the playing fields. Our athletes and coaches work hard to maintain a good work ethic and strong team spirit. We represent Bakersfield's community and School. We are proud to be BOBCATS!"

~Rhonda Goss, Athletic Director

Get Involved, Become A Coach or Volunteer

Do you remember a coach or mentor that made a positive difference in your life? Bakersfield Elementary and Middle School has a long and proud heritage for sports and athletics, sportsmanship and team activities. From Soccer, Basketball and Baseball to Academic Competitions, BEMS has shown it's spirit. Now you can be that positive influence, We need dedicated coaches, mentors and volunteers that understand team environments and it's benefits.

It's Easy To Get Started

Coaching Requirments

All community members and parents who want to coach must complete the following tasks:

1. Meet with the principal and athletic director. 

2. Complete online coaching training.

3. Complete online concussion training


Additional Coaching Resourses

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